10 элементов системы взглядов Дмитрия Менделеева
Dmitry Mendeleyev

Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev.

A Russian scientist and polymath: chemist, metrologist, process engineer. Professor of the St. Petersburg University, associate fellow of the Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Renowned as the discoverer of the periodic law of chemical elements and the corresponding table.


1. Be able to always adopt an opposing opinion – this is the true wisdom.

2. Science begins when one begins to measure. Science is unthinkable without measurement.

3. Everything only yields to labor. Everything is a work of man, such is the slogan of history.

4. Superstition is confidence not grounded in knowledge. Science fights superstitions like the light fights darkness.

5. The truth in silence opens to those who seek it.

6. Hypotheses facilitate and make correct the scientific work of discovering the truth, much like a farmer’s plough facilitates the cultivation of useful plants.

7. Neither talent nor genius can do without a particular penchant for arduous work.

8. School is a workshop where the thought of the younger generation is formed. One must hold it firmly in one’s hand unless you want to let the future slip out of your hands.

9. The role of the sciences is an auxiliary insofar as they constitute means for achieving a benefit.

10. It is impossible to anticipate the boundaries of scientific knowledge and prediction.