10 атомов мудрости Демокрита
Democritus of Abdera

460 BC - ca. 370 BC. Ancient Greek philosopher, one of the founders of atomistics and materialist philosophy.


1. For me, the word of wisdom is more valuable than gold.

2. My enemy is not the man who wrongs me, but the man who means to wrong me.

3. It's better to think before you act than after.

4. Word is a shadow of deed.

5. Someone who tends to argue and talk a lot is unable to learn what is needed.

6. Just as bodily diseases exist, so do lifestyle diseases.

7. Do not seek to know everything so as not to become ignorant in everything.

8. Nothing occurs without a cause but everything arises for some reason and by necessity.

9. Virtue can be used for evil ends at will.

10. A life without a holiday is a long journey without an inn to rest at.