On May 18, the Presidium of RAS held an online meeting devoted to topic Present State and Development Prospects of Quantum Technologies in Russia. The report was made by RAS academician Gennady Yakovlevich Krasnikov. 

The agenda also included the reports on performance of regional offices in 2020. They respective presentations were made by heads of RAS offices in Ulyanovsk, Belgorod, Samara Regions and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Besides, the participant approved the candidate to position of academic council heads and discussed the issues related to awarding medal and prizes of RAS.


Portal Scientific Russia traditionally broadcasted the meeting live:

10:00 RAS President Alexander Sergeev welcomes the participants

10:03 The participants paid homage to member of Presidium Alexander Potapov

10:05 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “Gennady Mesyats is awarded with Order of Alexander Nevsky”

10:08 Ceremony of awarding the members of Presidium takes place 

10:09 The awarding ceremony is over, the participants move to the agenda 

10:11 RAS President Alexander Sergeev dwells upon the present state and development prospects of quantum technologies in Russia

10:12 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “We are living in digital era and have got accustomed to the fact that not only science, but our everyday life as well are digital”

10:19 RAS President Alexander Sergeev gives floor to keynote speaker academician Gennady Yakovlevich Krasnikov

10:20 RAS academician Gennady Krasnikov make presentation Present State and Development Prospects of Quantum Technologies in Russia

10:22 RAS academician Gennady Krasnikov dwells upon the prospects of quantum technologies

10:24 АRAS academician Gennady Krasnikov: “The standard computer quantum circuit is well known. First, the so-called initialization takes place, then we see the impact on each qubit and finally have the respective coherent superpositions of basic states"

10:28 RAS academician Gennady Krasnikov talks about the benefits of quantum technologies

10:30 RAS academician Gennady Krasnikov: “All countries are active in investing in quantum technologies. There are two aspects: national quantum initiatives and companies. Moreover, the companies often invest more than national quantum initiatives"

10:34 RAS academician Gennady Krasnikov dwells upon the state of quantum technologies in Russia

10:37 RAS academician Gennady Krasnikov: “In Russia, 4 basic technological platforms performing quantum computing are studied – superconductor, ion, photon ones and neutral atoms. There are three research platforms: solid-state qubits, polariton qubits and magnon qubits"

10:39 RAS academician Gennady Krasnikov highlights new algorithms and problems of quantum cryptography

10:40 RAS academician Gennady Krasnikov concludes his report 

10:42 RAS President Alexander Sergeev asks the speaker about the security of quantum technologies

10:44 RAS academician Gennady Krasnikov answers the questions

10:46 RAS academician Gennady Krasnikov: “From the viewpoint of security, quantum cryptography is the most reliable one today"

10:50 The participants discuss the synchronization of work performed by corporations dealing with quantum technologies in Russia

10:52 The speaker answers the questions of Presidium members who are present remotely 

10:55 RAS correspondent member Nikolay Kolachevsky takes the floor

10:57 Nikolay Kolachevsky makes co-presentation "On Areas of Quantum Computing in Russia"

11:04 Nikolay Kolachevsky shows quantum computers developed in Russia

11:05 Nikolay Kolachevky’s report is over

11:11 The floor is given to doctor of technologies, director general at the Research Institute of Physical, Technological and Radio-Technical Measurements Sergey Donchenko 

11:13 Sergey Donchenko makes presentation "Quantum Technologies in the Area of Measuring Time, Frequency and Gravitational Field of the Earth"

11:18 Sergey Donchenko: “We are standing on the doorstep of transition from navigation system working with artificial fields, like GLONASS and GPS, to the one working with physical fields

11:21 Sergey Donchenko’s report is over

11:23 The floor is given to acting director of the Federal Research center of Kazan Scientific Center Alexey Kalachev

11:25 Alexey Kalachev makes presentation "Quantum Communications. Achievements, Problems and Prospects"

11:28 Alexey Kalachev dwells upon world records in the field of quantum technologies 

11:32 Alexey Kalachev: “Russia can boast of many organizations and companies dealing with developments in the field of quantum technologies. However, a special role is played by RZD which implements the roadmap of quantum communication​​​​​​​"

11:34 Alexey Kalachev concludes his report. Presidium members ask questions

11:36 Floor is given to head of Quantum Technologies Center at MSU Sergey Kulik

11:38 Sergey Kulik makes presentation "Overview of Quantum Sensors and Technologies"

11:44 Sergey Kulik proceeds to conclusions including: “Some domestic developments can boast of high technological readiness level – they can be finalized to ready-made products in case of appropriate financing​​​​​​​"

11:45 Sergey Kulik’s report is over

11:50 Floor is given to RAS academician Alexander Kholevo making online report 

11:51 Alexander Kholevo makes report "Progress of Quantum Technologies in Light of Quantum Informatics "

12:00 Alexander Kholevo: “The research in the field of quantum informatics for successful, well-grounded development of quantum technologies"

12:02 Alexander Kholevo’s presentation is over. Floor is given to professor of RAS, department head at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics Alexander Pechen

12:03 Alexander Pechen makes presentation "Mistake Correction Methods in Quantum Computing"

12:10 Alexander Pechen’s report is over

12:11 Director of Kotelnikov Radio-Electronic Institute, RAS correspondent member Sergey Nikitov makes report "Control over Quanta in Spintronics and Magnonics"

12:15 Sergey Nikitov dwells upon ferromagnetic quantum magnonics, control over qubits in nanodiamonds

12:18 Nikitov’s presentation is over

12:19 Maxim Parshin, Deputy Minister of Digital Development and Mas Communications takes the floor

12:21 Maxim Parshin talks about financing roadmaps for development of quantum technologies in Russia

12:24 Maxim Parshin: “We must maintain the balance between ambitions, including financial ones, and real results that we will obtain​​​​​​​"

12:26 RAS President Alexander Sergeev dwells upon financing programs on development of quantum technologies

12:32 Director for digitization at State Corporation Rosatom Yekaterina Solntseva makes presentation online

12:33 Yekaterina Solntseva: “I hope that the colleagues will show results regarding the roadmap for quantum computing​​​​​​​"

12:35 Vasily Shpak, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, makes a report online

12:38 Vasily Shpak talks about financing and prospects of using quantum technologies  

12:40 RAS President Alexander Sergeev and Vasily Shpak discuss quantum sensors roadmap

12:45 Head of department for quantum communications at RZD Artur Gleim highlights the implementation of agreement on development of quantum communications between Russian Government and RZD

12:46 Artur Gleim dwells upon the participants and main areas of "Quantum Communications" roadmap

12:52 Guests of the meeting, representatives of ministries and corporations, taking part in roadmaps for quantum communication development conclude their presentations

12:55 Grigory Goltsman, chief research fellow at MISIS National University of Science and Technologies

12:58 Grigory Goltsman dwells on buyers of Russian detectors

13:01 Ilya Rodionov, director of the Functional Nano/Micro-Systems Center at Bauman Technical University, takes floor

13:02 His report is titled "Quantum Technologies: development of element base in Russia and Abroad"

13:06 Ilya Rodionov says about the need for working out elements for quantum technologies domestically

13:08 Rodionov’s presentation is over

13:10 Representative of Physical Faculty of MSU takes floor

13:13 Presidium members talk about quantum technologies in Russia

13:22 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “We face now the second wave of quantum technologies. We have been dealing with this area for many decades and really see substantial use of quantum effects all over the world​​​​​​​"

13:26 Members of Presidium discus the draft resolution of the meeting

13:35 The members of Presidium pass to reports on performance of regional offices

13:37 Oleg Asmus, RAS representative in Ulyanovsk Region, doctor of economics, takes the floor

13:40 Oleg Asmus: “Since 2017, when the RAS office was opened in our region, we have implemented over 100 research projects. Their results laid the foundation for working out the solutions for the wide range of problems that our region faces​​​​​​​"

13:43 Oleg Asmus highlights scientific achievements of Ulyanovsk Region

13:53 Oleg Asmus concludes his report on performance of Ulyanovsk regional office of RAS. RAS President Alexander Sergeev sets clarifying questions to him

13:59 The Presidium discusses the performance of the office 

14:01 The report on performance of Samara regional office is made by deputy head of the office Yaroslav Yerisov

14:10 Yaroslav Yerisov: “The key task for 2021 lies in scientific and methodological support of applications filed by universities and research organizations with regard to program Priority-2030"

14:12 Yaroslav Yerisov concludes his report. RAS President Alexander Sergeev asks questions about the work of regional office

14:17 The report on performance of regional office in Bashkortostan is made by head of the office, doctor of law Rafail Zinurov

14:22 Rafail Zinurov: “The activity is built on information and analytical principle​​​​​​​"

14:34 Rafail Zinurov concludes his report. RAS President Alexander Sergeev discusses the performance of the office with him

14:42 RAS correspondent member, head of regional office in Belgorod Region Yevgeny Savchenko highlights the work of his office in 2020

14.52 Yevgeny Savchenko concludes his presentation

14:59 RAS President Alexander Sergeev: “We have listened to the reports from different regions and see that the situation looks motley, and each region has its own specifics. Building such relations with the regions seems very important to us​​​​​​​"

15:00 The Presidium passes to next issues dealing with approval of candidates for positions of chairmen at academic councils and commissions

15:05 RAS President Alexander Sergeev proceeds to discussing the issue on awarding Burdenko Gold Medal to academician Vladimir Krylov

15:07 Presidium of RAS proceeds to final issues on awarding various prizes 

15:15 The meeting of Presidium is over


The end of broadcast.​​​​​​​