Today, April 21, is the second day of the General Meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The agenda focuses on “the contribution of academic science to the development of the space industry” in connection with the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s spaceflight. Space surveys are usually associated with the study of various planets but our Earth too can be surveyed from space. This was the topic of Valery Bondur’s presentation

What is the return on investment into space today? According to Valery Bondur, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, this effect is mainly felt in telecommunications (communications, television broadcasting, etc.) and in navigation. These industries caused a breakthrough in many areas and make a great contribution to the economies of developed countries. This is how he commented on the significance of navigation: “Today we cannot imagine our lives without navigation instruments, we do not even feel that they exist, that there is a whole group of satellites flying out ther...<...>.

Another important area – Earth remote sensing – is a booming space industry that provides important information for the benefit of various sectors of the economy, environmental protection, prevention of emergencies, as well as for science.

This sector of space activity is most receptive of innovation and requires the use of the most recent achievements of pure and applied sciences,” says Valery Bondur.

Скрин экрана из трансляции портала "Научная Россия"

A screenshot from Scientific Russia’s broadcast