In recent years, scientists have noted that the information load on a person has increased significantly over the past half-century. This causes information stress and the need to observe information hygiene – the ability to filter incoming information and filter out unreliable facts. November 26 is World Information Day.

World Information Day has been celebrated annually since 1994. The initial purpose of the symbolic date was to draw attention to the problems of the development of the information society and to the need to strengthen international cooperation. Since the middle of the 20th century, the role of information technologies for the development of science and communications has increased significantly. Currently, the Internet, mobile, and satellite communications have a direct impact on all major areas of human life, from transport logistics to medical technologies.

Information technologies are actively used in scientific works dedicated to the popular topic of climate change. Sensors and monitoring systems capture and evaluate emissions from production, agriculture, and other anthropogenic and natural factors. This helps to build forecasts and strategies to combat global warming.

Information technologies also help doctors – the term telehealth is increasingly used in the information space. It refers to new technologies that allow the doctor to help patients in a situation where the distance between them does not allow treating with personal contact. Remote monitoring of the patient’s condition is also popular – this is important when monitoring elderly people who find it difficult to get to the nearest hospital. In addition, telehealth technologies allow doctors to consult from a distance. Such a need may arise if the help of a more experienced doctor is needed.

Some data say that the volume of information in the world doubles every 10-12 years, others that every 4 years. This volume is exponentially growing, the current situation is called the information explosion. Psychologists say that the inability to use modern technologies, to control the volume and quality of information leads to stress, which can be expressed both in social and physical form. The situation worsened during the pandemic when the volume of various and often untrue information about the coronavirus increased.

Today, the original purpose of the symbolic date has shifted slightly towards information security. Indeed, since 1994, public access to information has increased significantly, and thanks to new developments, technical issues of remote cooperation have practically disappeared.


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