The Federation Council hosts parliamentary hearings devoted to topic Scientific Human Resources: State, Development Trends and Growth Tools. In the course of discussion RAS President, academician Alexander Sergeev delivered a speech. As the head of RAS stressed, there is a need for formation of national human resource potential in the field of science that can assist to stable scientific and technological development of Russia. “Everywhere in the world, there is a clear correlation between the percentage of GDP allocated to science and percentage of researchers working in the country. In Russia, we spend slightly over 1% of GDP for science, while the number of those employed in scientific research amounts to about 0.5% of working population. If the investments in science increase, the number of researchers will grow,” Alexander Sergeev said.

“We believe that at the present stage the most important task for the Russian Academy of Sciences lies in working with our leading companies for scientific support of the process dealing with transformation of knowledge into technologies as soon as possible. We can quote positive examples. I mean the cooperation with Rosatom, AFK Sistema, RusAgro, etc.,” Alexander Sergeev stressed. The RAS President emphasized that it is important to create a unified innovation system which exists only in fragments today.

Photo - Press service of the Russian Federation Council