In the Year of Science and Technology, the Nemchinovka Federal Research Center celebrates its 90th anniversary. Unique high-yielding varieties enable to provide all regions of Russia with grain, from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. All of that became possible thanks to breeders from the Nemchinovka Research Center.

Aleksandr Alekseyevich Romanenko, RAS Academician, scientist in the field of seed growing of agricultural crops, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Director of Operations of the P.P. Lukyanenko Krasnodar Research Institute of Agriculture congratulated his colleagues on the occasion of the anniversary with wishes of health and prosperity, while also noting the importance of close cooperation between the Krasnodar Research Institute of Agriculture and the Nemchinovka Federal Research Center.

“Today Nemchinovka is the driving force behind the Green Revolution in central Russia. We interact very closely with them; we know all varieties. Cooperation at the breeding level implies extensive exchange of genetic material, information and scientific achievements. We consider them our good partners, friends. The apex of our cooperation is the recognition of the great role of Bagrat Ismenovich Sandukhadze who fed all Russia with excellent bread. In honor of Bagrat Ismenovich we gave the name Bagrat to our variety of wheat that is grown in the Kuban region in large volumes and yields about 6-7 tons per hectare on industrial scale. Our main concern is quality and cooperation for the benefit of the people. To increase yield and reduce costs.

Thanks to Bagrat Sandukhadze, the Moscow city and region began to grow good wheat on their own and have good bread on their tables. I wish Nemchinovka to live another 90 years and achieve even better success for the benefit of the people. I wish the whole team to remain in a good health and hope you will enjoy immense success in all endeavors,” said Aleksandr Romanenko, RAS Academician.

Photo: Oleg Ukladov