Today, on October 12, World Arthritis Day is celebrated around the world. 

According to the World Health Organization statistics, arthritis accounts for 18% of disabilities worldwide. The disease affects young and middle-aged people between 25 and 40 years old, although the disease often affects the older generation as well.

Arthritis is a serious inflammatory disease of a joint or several joints, caused by infection, immune system or metabolic disorders, which, if left untreated, not only leads to pain and restriction of movement, but also to disability and a loss of ability to work. The most terrible fact is that any person at any age can be at risk of developing this disease. One out of every hundred people on the planet suffers from this disease.

World Arthritis Day has been celebrated annually in many countries around the world at the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1996. In Russia, Arthritis Day has been celebrated since 2006.

The goal of World Arthritis Day is to draw the attention of the general public around the world to the problem of rheumatologic diseases, to raise awareness of arthritis in its all forms, to unite the efforts of doctors, patients and the public to address the prevention, early diagnosis, medical and social rehabilitation of patients with the disease.

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