В 1948 году выдано авторское свидетельство на первую советскую ЭВМ

The State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers registered an invention made by Soviet scientists Isaac Brook and Bashir Rameev. The invention was the electronic computer, and it didn’t remain a dead letter but gave birth to all the domestic computer industry. Back then, we were just half a step behind the US. The first serial US computer was the UNIVAC, presented to the public in 1951. Our answer to Uncle Sam was formulated in 1955 at Moscow’s Special Design Bureau 245, headed by Bashir Rameev. It was named Ural 1. 100 operations per second; RAM storage capacity on a magnetic drum of 1024 codes and 36 digits in a memory cell; magnetic tape storage of 40 000 codes – the machine was cheap, effective, and suitable for engineering calculations. Patent No. 10475, issued on 4 December 1948, became the first official document of Soviet computing. Today, this day is rightly considered the birthday of Russian informatics.