В 1924 г. построен первый мавзолей

The first wooden mausoleum was erected on Red Square at an accelerated pace for the Lenin’s funeral day. By April, they realized: the May holidays are coming, but where is the stand? They installed the second temporary mausoleum and attached stands to its stepped part on both sides. Six years was enough to design and build the currently existing version of the tomb. Plain shapes, austere facing with granite slabs combined with porphyry and labradorite finish – the mausoleum built by Aleksey Schusev was in perfect harmony with the image of the leader being “as simple as truth.” For the entire period of its existence, the mausoleum was performing a pragmatic function, apart from the ideological function: it served as a reference point for Moscow distances. Now it has been taken away – the beginning they start off in Moscow is now located at Iberian Chapel.