В 1922 году вступила в строй Шуховская башня на Шаболовке

It seemed to be a prosaic and dull thing – a support for installing the antenna of radio station. However, Vladimir Shukhov created a masterpiece that brought fame and recognition to the engineer. The Soviet authorities decided to build the tower at the height of civil war. Moscow needed reliable communication with distant provinces and foreign states. The Council of Workers’ and Peasants’ Defense ruled to charge the People’s Commissariat of Post and Telegraph with a task of installing the tower as soon as possible. The project took just three years. Unfortunately, Shukhov’s plan to outstrip Eiffel Tower in height failed to be brought to life, as the Soviet Russia was short of steel. So it consists of only 6 sections with total height of 148 m. If they had built 9 sections with total height of 350 m, as Shukhov initially planned, the Ostankino Television Tower would not have been required. Starting from 1922, the tower was meeting the needs of radio business, while in 1938 began to meet the demands of the newly-emerging television as well. On a part-time basis, it can also act as a guide in higher mathematics. If you want to see the hyperboloid of revolution of one nappe, come to Shabolovka area. It stands here piercing the clouds.