В 1909 году Роберт Пири, согласно его заявлению, покорил Северный полюс

In March 1909, American naval officer Robert Edwin Peary left his camp on the coast of Greenland and started for the North Pole on dog-pulled sleds. Five weeks later, on April 6, he planted the US national flag on the Pole, had a rest for over 24 hours and headed back home to report his achievement. Having come back to the United States, Peary told President William Taft that he presented the Pole to him as gift. Embarrassed Taft answered: “Thank you for the generous gift, but I do not know what to do with it.” The specialists doubt today whether Peary has really reached the North Pole. There are grounds for such doubts. The fact is that Peary took with him not a single navigator capable of obtaining the fix. By various estimates, he stopped within 60-190 km from the Pole.