В 1875 г. родился Альберт Швейцер

Philosopher, theologian, musician, musicologist, writer, historian, doctor. Three times Doctor of Science. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. This is Albert Schweitzer, born on January 14, 1875 in Alsace. Incredibly gifted. Incredibly energetic. He wrote books about Bach and Jesus Christ, he gave organ concerts. He drew attention to himself and was admired. What else to wish for? And here's what:

Then, one brilliant summer morning [...] I awoke with the thought that I must not accept this happiness as a matter of course, but must give something in return for it. What would be the character of the activities thus planned for the future was not yet clear to me. One thing only was certain, that it must be directly human service, however inconspicuous the sphere of it.

It was not exactly inconspicuous. He graduated from the third – medical –department of the university. He gathered the money, packed the piano. And in 1913, Schweitzer went to Africa. He worked as a doctor in Gabon for half a century. No, not like that: he was the Great Kind Doctor, as the Africans called him. And they still do. The world repaid him as best it could: with the Nobel Prize. And a good memory.