6 ноября 1736 года Михаила Ломоносова зачислили в Марбургский университет

On this day, Vice-Rector Herr Santorock entered an odd-sounding name Lomonosov in the registry of the University of Marburg. Delegated for knowledge, the new student had several years of studies ahead of him. The first courses that the inquisitive young man attended demonstrate an impressively diverse curriculum: initial basis of arithmetic and geometry, theoretical chemistry, mechanics, hydrostatics, aerometry, hydraulics, and theoretical physics. Six months later, in addition to the German language, Mikhail takes up French, drawing, dancing, and fencing. Social life was still only a promise, and Lomonosov simply had no money to pursue it at that time: he was spending almost his entire allowance on books, and it was in Marburg that Lomonosov begins building his personal library. In his second year, the student started his research, first writing the paper “On the Transformation of a Solid Body into a Liquid, Depending on the Pre-Existing Fluid Motion,” and six months later, the paper “Physical Thesis on the Difference of Mixed Bodies, Consisting in the Cohesion of Corpuscles.” During his time in Marburg, Lomonosov was already a true scientist.