5 сентября 1568 года родился Томмазо Кампанелла

The Italian philosopher created a communist utopia. This explains why his name was carved on the obelisk by the Moscow Kremlin Wall among other communist activists.

The Dominican friar Campanella barely turned 20 when he published his first book. Campanella’s knowledge astonished his contemporaries and many believed that he sold his soul to the devil. The secret agents of the inquisition stole all of his manuscripts and accused him of heresy. He was then accused of a conspiracy and witchcraft and sent to prison for thirty years. It was there that he wrote all his major works, including the most significant one – The City of the Sun. In this book, Campanella described the life of people in a single family, without private property. With the destruction of property, all vices were destroyed. Everyone works equally, for four hours a day, and receive everything they need from the state. In free time, everyone studies, pursues science and goes in for sports. The leadership represented by the supreme priest runs everything, even love, so that only the best children can be born. Thus, Campanella’s communism was akin to totalitarianism. After release from prison, Campanella spent his twilight years in France where he conducted different scientific studies. It could be a curious coincidence but he predicted that the childless king Louis XIII would have a son, Louis XIV, who would also be born on 5 September and later be nicknamed the Sun King.