30 июня 1908 года упал Тунгусский метеорит

What fell into the taiga in the basin of the Podkamennaya Tunguska River can only roughly be called a meteorite. The witnesses from nearby villages remembered a fireball, a horrible noise and a strong clash. 800 kilometers away from the supposed place where the meteorite fell, the driver stopped the train thinking that a wagon had exploded. Over an area of 2.000 square kilometers, the shock wave kicked down a forest. However, only small silicate and magnetite balls were found in that area, and not a single large meteorite fragment. There are a lot of versions about what exploded in distant Siberia and how it disappeared: they say it could be a meteorite that melted, a spaceship that crashed, the nucleus of a small comet or even an object that moved against the course of time. But there is still no solid opinion on the subject. Science keeps silent.