30 апреля 1992 года было объявлено, что технология всемирной паутины будет распространяться бесплатно

According to scientists’ estimates, it had taken 38 years for radio to attain a permanent audience of 50 million, down to 13 years for television. The Web had passed this milestone in just 4 years. April 30, 1992 is widely regarded as the birthday of the Web. This is both true and incorrect. In fact, the famous scientist Timothy Berners-Lee, a member of the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research, began designing World Wide Web technology much earlier. But this date is indeed fateful: on April 30 1992, it was announced that World Wide Web technology would be distributed free of charge. From then on, the Web has triumphantly marched across the planet. And it still entangles new generations of users. The Web receives both scorn and praise, treatments are proposed for the “Web addiction,” and the phenomenon of the Web is studied by psychologists and philosophers alike. The possibilities of the Web are there for researchers, politicians, artists and church hierarchs to use. The World Wide Web has changed the world irreversibly.