28 июля 1900 запатентован гамбургер

Louis Lassing from Connecticut obtained a patent on this day for his invention – a slice of fried meat between two pieces of toast. He served this sandwich to customers at his tiny three-seat bar. Despite the serious copyright certificate, it was the reinvention of the wheel – they say that hamburgers, or Hamburg steaks were brought to the U.S. by people from Germany in the early 19th century; that meat sandwiches were invented by teenager Charlie Nagrin and farmer Frank Menches of Ohio in 1885... But even American historians believe that the very first hamburger was eaten in what is now Russia: Scythian nomads fried beef, chopped it up finely to make it easier to chew and put it between two slices of bread so it wouldn't fall apart. So, does it make Russia home not only to elephants, but also to hamburgers?