23 июля 1923 года Шереметевскую больницу переименовали в Институт травматологии и неотложной помощи имени Склифосовского

This story began a very long time ago – more than two hundred years ago. In 1794, Count Nikolay Petrovich Sheremetev, at the request of his beloved, serf actress Praskovya Kovaleva-Zhemchugova, started construction of the Hospital in Moscow. In 1803, after the death of Zhemchugova who became Countess Sheremeteva by that time, the desolate widower decided to use the building to establish a hospital and an almshouse and commissioned Giacomo Quarenghi to transform the building into the Praskovya memorial. The hospital and almshouse were opened in 1810 with consent of Alexander I. 50 patients at the hospital and as many at the almshouse were treated for free, at the expense of the Sheremetev family. Even the French army that invaded Russia in 1812 used the Sheremetev Hospital for the soldiers – so efficient was the building. It also remained the hospital after the revolution. On July 23, 1923, the Sheremetev Hospital was renamed as the Nikolay Vasilievich Sklifosovsky Institute for Traumatology and Emergency Medicine. The institute was named the Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine. And now a couple of words about Sklifosovsky – he was an exceptional Russian surgeon who deserves our remembrance. He was a pioneer of antiseptics in our country, defeated many severe diseases, established the Society of Russian Physicians and set up refresher training for the medical staff. Simply put, Sklifosovsky did a lot of important things for the Russian medical sciences.