16 июня 1963 года в космос полетела первая в мире женщина-космонавт Валентина Терешкова

The former textile worker from Yaroslavl visited the place where there were only rats, dogs and men before her. The right to pilot Vostok-6 spacecraft was competed for by four girls from the first women's recruitment to the astronaut squad. The most charming and attractive one won – it was Tereshkova. Valentina Vladimirovna spent almost three days on the orbit and returned famous to the whole world. She had a hard time there: only recently did the first female astronaut reveal a secret, about which she used to be silent out of respect for the Chief Designer Korolev. Due to a program error, the orbit of the spacecraft was not decreased, but increased, and Tereshkova was threatened with a flight to a distant space. But nothing happened: by commands from the Control Center during the flight, she manually reprogrammed the equipment and safely returned to her native Earth.