1 августа 1744 года родился Жан Батист Пьер Антуан де Моне Ламарк

The inscription on the Lamarck’s monument in Paris reads: “The founder of the evolution doctrine.” The French scientist Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet Lamarck was born into a poor family and rose to become an officer, but eventually he became interested in the natural sciences. He began with botany, and his work resulted in a three-volume work entitled French Flora. Then Lamarck retrained himself as a zoologist; he was the first to try to create a coherent theory evolution of the animal world in his book Philosophy of Zoology. Fearing to disappoint the church fathers, he presented the three stages of anthropogenesis, i.e., the historical development of man from an ape-like form: vertical walking, jaw reduction, development of perception and speech, and concluded all this with the careful phrase: “This is what the origin of man might have looked like, if it would not have turned out differently.” But despite all the precautions, his contemporaries were not enthusiastic. “The posterity will admire you, father, it will avenge you,” reads another inscription on the same monument; this monument represents a bas-relief depicting a blind Lamarck with his daughter, who was recording his writings. And the daughter was not mistaken – Lamarck is now considered a forerunner of Darwin and is praised as the creator of biological terminology and the very word “biology.” However, the term was introduced independently of Lamarck by the German scientist Gottfried Reinhold Treviranus.