Еще 10 историй Тацита
Publius Cornelius Tacitus

56 – 117. Ancient Roman historian. Senator and consul.


1. Neglect slander – and it wither.

2. You should read a lot, but not everything.

3. Power won by crime no one ever yet turned to a good purpose.

4. That form of eloquence, the foster-child of license, which fools call liberty.

5. People leave, models remain.

6. It’s easier to get a whole crowd behind you than to escape one person’s cunning.

7. Who could be so arrogant as to expect eternal glory?

8. It’s better to have nothing to do than to have to do nothing.

9. Not always the rumor is wrong, sometimes it is right at the point.

10. As we extol the bygone era, we are not curious enough about the recent past.