10 путей Карлоса Кастанеды
Carlos César Salvador Arana Castaneda

1925 – 1998. American anthropologist, ethnographer, philosopher, writer. A student of Don Juan.


1. If you don’t like what you get, change what you give.

2. We either make ourselves unhappy or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work involved is identical.

3. When we see the world through the eyes of love, it opens its best sides to us.

4. The art of a warrior consists in maintaining a balance between the horror of being human and the miracle of being human.

5. Act like you are in a dream. Act boldly and do not seek excuses.

6. The intention of the warrior is stronger than any obstacle.

7. A warrior treats the world as an infinite mystery, and what people do as an infinite foolishness.

8. Illness is indulging in one’s weakness.

9. The main hindrance for most people is internal dialogue which is the key to everything. When a man learns to stop it, everything becomes possible. The most incredible projects are becoming feasible.

10. A teacher or a guide won’t harm but is not absolutely necessary. What is really necessary is the daily effort of accumulating silence.