10 формул-1 Энцо Феррари
Enzo Anselmo Ferrari

1898 – 1988. Italian engineer, entrepreneur and racing driver. Founded the Ferrari company. Loved red and black.


1. When you work without respite, you don't have time to think about death.

2. I need no monuments.

3. My only friends I believe to the end are cars.

4. When a man tells a woman that he loves her, he actually just wants her. The only true love in this world is a father’s love for his son.

5. I married 12 cylinders and never broke up with them.

6. The customer is not always right.

7. Motors are like women. You need to know where to touch them.

8. Aerodynamics is for those who cannot build powerful motors.

9. Horsepower sells cars, and torque wins races.

10. There are two opinions in the world: mine and the wrong one.