10 позитивов Жана Мари Гюйо
Jean-Marie Guyau

1854 – 1888. A French Positivist philosopher. Viewed spiritual phenomena in terms of their benefit for biological functioning.


1. In nature, everything holds to each other. Who knows – for a man to make one step toward his moral ideal, shouldn’t the whole world move with him?

2. Duty is the consciousness of the inner power of life seeking dedication.

3. Who wants to live for others should not neglect one’s own life.

4. One cannot trust unconditionally an opinion the power of which is only in the ranks of its followers.

5. There is no possibility for everyone to do good, yet is possible treat everyone with benevolence.

6. A lost day is the day you never laughed.

7. Let man take advantage of the past centuries as a material to augment the future…

8. The most original and one of the most moral feelings of our century, the century of science, is the sense of sincere doubt.

9. We all have a mental homeland, as there is a territorial one. In both, you have fellow citizens and brothers to whom natural sympathy draws us.

10. To understand the better cause is to proceed working toward it.