10 мудрых слов от Михаила Ломоносова
Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov

Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov (November 8 1711 - April 4 1765) was the first Russian natural scientist of world importance. An outstanding chemist and physicist, he made his name in science as the first chemist to give a definition of physical chemistry close to the modern one. Lomonosov’s molecular kinetic heat theory in many ways anticipated the modern idea of the structure of matter and many fundamental laws, including one of thermodynamics laws. An astronomer, instrument designer, geographer, metallurgist, geologist, the poet who laid the foundations of modern Russian literary language, artist, historian, student of genealogies, a supporter of the development of Russia education, science and economy. He developed a project of the Moscow University to be named after him later. He discovered that Venus had an atmosphere.

A state advisor and a Professor of Chemistry (since 1745), a fellow of the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Sciences and honorary fellow of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences.


1. Who cannot tackle small endeavors will hardly succeed in a big feat.

2. Everywhere and at all times, explore what is great and beautiful.

3. It takes little to spot mistakes: to give something better is what accentuates a gentleman.

4. Indefatigable labor overcomes all obstacles.

5. Those who write in a cloudy manner either unwittingly expose their ignorance or deliberately conceal it. They write vaguely about what they understand vaguely.

6. Nothing happens without sufficient reason.

7. The nature is very simple; whatever contradicts this principle must be rejected.

8. Love is as strong as lightning but penetrates without thunder, and even the strongest of its strikes are pleasant.

9. I rank experience higher than a thousand opinions born by imagination alone.

10. Mathematics is valuable for the mere fact that it puts one’s mind in order.