10 коллекций Жана Ростана
Jean Rostand

1894 – 1977. French biologist and writer. Known for his writings on biology and marriage.



1. You can converse with those who speak a different language, but not to those who put a very different meaning into the same words.

2. Science has made us gods even before we are worthy of being men.

3. Spouses should refrain from quarrels if they don’t love each other so much to be able to come to terms.

4. A dead man is just an incurable patient.

5. Marriage is not a hinder for those who are able to be happy; for others, at least it gives them a reason to complain.

6. To be adult is to be alone.

7. A friend is a man who finds more credit than anyone else when he speaks ill of us.

8. I don't believe in wonders – it would be too simple.

9. Living with the person you love is as hard as loving the person you live with.

10. To love something more than life is to make life something bigger than it is.