Nemchinovka Federal Research Center is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The scientists have created almost 200 unique varieties of grain and grain legume cultivars. Half of those are on the state register of selection achievements, and their high crop capacity ensures that all regions of Russia are to going to have bread. 

A story about scientific work that is almost an art on the program Vesti on Rossiya 1 TV channel. 

It all began when the Soviet Government set a task for scientists – to feed the country. To make it possible to grow winter wheat in the central part of the country as well as in the Black Earth region. 

“No lump of gold can outweigh a bread crumb. Nekrasov said that. Selection is not just science, it’s a form of art in a certain sense,” said Bagrat Ismenovich Sandukhadze, a selection scientist. 

“Today, our seeds are in demand and are used across the country from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, with the exception of the Arctic,” Sergey Voronov, Director of Nemchinovka FRC pointed out.

Harvests in Altai are now as good as those in Kuban. Nemchinovka Federal Research Center has become part of the Skolkovo, where the most advanced equipment is available to scientists.

 More in the video report of the program Vesti, Rossiya 1 TV channel.