The B. N. Yeltsin Presidential Library is an electronic library in St. Petersburg. It was founded on May 27th, 2009.

The library collects, digitizes and stores electronic copies of printed and archival materials, audio records, videos and other materials reflecting the centuries-old history of Russian statehood, theory and practice of law, as well as Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation. The main task objective the library is to ensure free access of citizens to the cultural heritage of Russia in digital format.

The collection of the B. N. Yeltsin Presidential Library (more than 160,000 storage units) consists of electronic copies of rare historical documents and books, little-known archival materials that were previously out of reach from the wider audience.

Thanks to the expanding network of branches, the portal library should become a link in the library system of the country.

The Presidential Library is located in the Synod building. In addition to reading rooms, it features exhibition halls, a conference hall and multifunctional rooms where cultural and social events of the highest level are held.

A part of the collection free of copyrights and other restrictions can be accessed remotely just by connecting to the library’s website.

Latest collections

A.P. Chekhov (1860-1904)

The collection dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the birth of the Russian writer A.P. Chekhov, one of the greatest playwrights in the history of world theatre, includes digital copies of books, periodicals and archival documents revealing various facets of Chekhov's personality, his life and creativity. The collection features postcards and photographs with images of the writer, materials dedicated to preserving his memory, and texts of his individual novels, articles and letters.

The State Hermitage

The collection dedicated to the 255th anniversary of the founding of the State Hermitage includes publications on the history of the museum and its art collection; archival materials reflecting the history of formation of the Hermitage collection throughout the 19th century, the staffing of the museum, publishing activities of the institution and other objects of interest; postcards and photographs with views of the Hermitage buildings, its halls and collections; a documentary film about the museum and historical newsreel.

Bridges of St. Petersburg

The collection dedicated to the bridges of St. Petersburg includes cartographic materials (drawings of bridge projects and their details, city plans indicating bridge locations), visual materials (photographs and postcards with views of bridges, their structures, work on bridge construction and restoration), archival records of bridge maintenance appropriations and other documents.

The Year of Theater in Russia

The collection dedicated to the Year of Theater in Russia includes official documents, archival materials, research, periodicals, visual and audiovisual media reflecting various aspects of the development of theatrical art in our country – from the history of the theatre in Russia before Peter the Great to modern searches for new forms and genres. Sections dedicated to individual theatres and persons – stage actors, directors and other representatives of theater professions – are presented in particular detail.

A.N. Radishchev (1749-1802)

The collection dedicated to the 270th anniversary of the birth of writer and thinker A.N. Radishchev includes his works, research on life and creativity, materials dedicated to the preservation of his memory.

The General Director of the Presidential Library is Ilya Leonidovich Bykovnikov.