В 753 году до нашей эры основан Рим

This date was calculated by Roman scientist and encyclopedist Marcus Terentius Varro. He compared the lists of consuls with legends about the rule of Roman kings and got the date of April 21, 753 B.C. Specialists believed to Varro, and this day has been considered the official date of Rome’s foundation ever since. However, opinions vary as to who has found Rome. The legend says that Romulus, brother of Remus and son of Mars, did it. On April 21, he encircled the area around Palatine Hill with his plough raising it at the places where the gates were to be. The city of Romulus received name Roma and actually still bears this name in Italian. Materialists back a different version: Ruma is the name of Etruscan family living on the Palatine Hill at that time.