В 425 году Феодосий II распорядился о создании в Константинополе университета

Emperor of Byzantine Empire Theodosius II known publicly as Calligrapher was not a great ruler. However, two of his deed secured a place in history for him. The Code of Theodosius, restatement of Roman and early Byzantine law was published during his rule. Besides, on February 27, 425 Theodosius II ordered to create a university in Constantinople. Historians say that he took such a decision under the influence of his wife Eudocia, a native of Athens. Actually, the university was meant to become a Christian analog of the Academy of Athens. It consisted of 31 departments with separate Latin and Greek education. By the way, Empress Catherine the Great did not lag behind Theodosius the Calligrapher – on February 27, 1781, she issued a decree on opening six public schools in the Russian capital. Thus, the process of public education was launched: over 164,000 boys and 12,000 girls were educated at public schools over the period of up to 1795 alone.