В 1997 году журнал «Nature» сообщил рождении овечки Долли

Scientists do not like to be in a hurry. Sheep Dolly was born in Scotland on July 5, 1996. However, only on March 7, 1997 the British Nature magazine published an article saying that the scientists of Roslin Institute and biotechnological company PPL Therapeutics reproduced a lamb without using the germ cells of male sheep. A year later, Americans presented cloned calf under the name of Mister Jefferson.

At the same time, the scientists from the University of Hawaii cloned the first mouse and predictably called it Mickey. After the mouse a cat was born. The cat cloned at the University of Texas received the name of Copy Cat and was presented to the public when the scientists made certain that the animal was no different from domestic cats born in a natural way. The genetic engineers successfully clone pigs and dogs, and are speaking still louder about cloning a human being, which causes controversy among the public. As for Dolly, it lived a standard life of a sheep, came to know the happiness of becoming a mother, yet fell ill with arthritis which was successfully treated. On the seventh year of her life, a nasty lung disease added to arthritis, and the sheep was put away. However, it was not buried. Stuffed Dolly is now displayed at the Royal Museum of Scotland.