В 1996 году был поставлен рекорд высоты среди зданий

You would be wrong thinking that the building in question is World Trade Center or Twin Towers destroyed by terrorists. No, the WTC’s record of height was broken a couple of years later by a skyscraper erected in Chicago. In 1996 the record sailed across the ocean. Modest 88 stories of the Petronas Towers office building in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, were crowned with cupolas, and the resulting height of 451.9 meters let Siamese twins (unlike WTC’s ones) secure the first position in ratings. They are Siamese being connected with a two-storied bridge on the height of 41st-42nd floors. One does not have to travel to Southeast Asia to see this Wonder of the world. It is enough to enter the nearest video rental store, as a sufficient part of movie Entrapment was recorded in these towers. However, there may be no point in visiting the video store, as the new height record is now held by Taipei Tower in Taiwan, where no movies have been yet shot.