В 1989 году самолет Ан-225 «Мрия» установил 110 мировых рекордов

In 1990s Ukraine suffered from steep inflation. Plane AN-225 Mriya with the highest weight-lifting capacity in the world was making regular flights to Canada to carry a certain type of cargo. The salary due to employees of Antonov Design Office, owner of the plane, was paid from this very shipment, as the aircraft was bringing Ukrainian banknotes printed in Canada at that time. The world’s largest plane was built not for carrying money or cars (it can house up to fifty of them), but for the project of reusable spacecraft Buran. The heavy cargo aircraft with super high weightlifting capacity was meant for carrying various components of the booster and spacecraft from the production facility to the place of start. Another important task of AN-225 lay in delivery of space shuttle to the launching site in case of its landing on the reserve airfield. Only one model of the Soviet gigantic machine was produced. The aircraft was thoroughly tested. During one of such trial flights, Mriya performed a flight with cargo weighing 156.3 tons and broke 110 world records. This achievement is a record by itself. A dream of an airplane, you will say, and be quite right, as Mriya is the Ukrainian for dream.