В 1983 г. зарегистрирован язык программирования Ада

An anecdote says that a religious old woman got scared when she saw a girl reading book Language of Ada (ad is the Russian for hell). Where on earth could she know from that the book was not about the language of hell, but told about the one worked out in mid-70s under the order of US Department of Defense, which organized an international tender for the purpose of creating a programming language for development of in-built military systems and large-scale computers? The language standard named after the first programmer in the world – Byron’s daughter Ada Lovelace – was approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) on February 17, 1983. Soviet international journalist Melor Sturua denounced the event categorically: “The language of Pentagon is the enemy of peace. Ada is the language of thermonuclear hell. The damnation to mankind is heard in it.”