В 1968 году вышел фильм Стенли Кубрика «Космическая одиссея. 2001»

Stanley Kubrick began to make movies when he was 27. By the age of 40, he had accumulated experience and won recognition. The stories of his films were different – Lolita, Spartacus, criminal and anti-war movies. Once, short story The Sentinel by Arthur Clarke caught Kubrick’s eye. It was about a mysterious Moon-based pyramid, which was actually a transmitter that informed some unknown civilization about the people of Earth beginning to conquer space. The story was not enough for a feature film, so Kubrick persuaded Clarke to write a script for a full-length movie. This as how 2001: A Space Odyssey was born. The script was the first, the film followed, and the novel with the same title came out only after that. The authors’ forecast predicting the flight to Saturn in 2001 did not seem utopian, as the Americans landed on the Moon in 1969. This epical movie won Oscar for trick photography and special effects, as well as became a model fiction film.