В 1968 г. появился телефон спасения 911

Once the authorities of Haleyville, Alabama decided to improve the work of municipal organizations meant for rendering aid to people, i.e., fire, healthcare and emergency services, as well as police. Each of them had to employ several operators 24 hours a day to answer the phone calls. Thus, it was decided to create a single information system that would receive all emergency calls. Since that time, all emergency services of Haleyville received the calls on a single phone number – 911. The novelty soon spread all over the USA and was even exported across the ocean, yet with different digits. The single emergency phone number in Europe is 112. The introduction of single number concurrently solved the problem described in a well-known anecdote: “Hello, is it fire service? A policeman and physician are fighting here, while we do not know where to call.”