В 1964 году на телеэкраны США вышла игра «Jeopardy!»

On that day, the American television viewers watching NBC channel saw presenter Art Fleming who told them “Jeopardy!”, i.e., called them for taking risks. However, the viewers risked nothing, but stood to gain from the new show, as an interesting intellectual game was offered to them. The game was created by Merv Griffin, the future maître of television games and author of the show Wheel of Fortune.

Show Jeopardy! has lived to the present day, though there were intervals and change of presenter. Today, it comes out every day and has a tremendous sway among the public. The analog of Jeopardy! is broadcasted in many countries of the world, and Russia is no exclusion. It is only the name that is different, as we play One’s Own Game.