В 1962 году на экраны страны вышел один из лучших фильмов о науке  и ученых – «Девять дней одного года»

At first, director and co-author of the script Mikhail Romm wanted to give name 365 days to it, but decided to take separate episodes from the life of main characters, “having liberated them for spontaneous acts, random thoughts, which may even have nothing to do with the story, lying apart from it.” The result proved to be impressive – the movie was named the best film of the year, won prestigious international awards, and – which is the main thing – influenced the ideas of the young generation as to the choice of profession and lifestyle. It is as poet Slutsky wrote in his poem Physicists and Lyrics – the grandeur stolidly retreated to logarithms, while stood high in everybody’s esteem. This situation naturally did the science good. Anyway, the measurement unit still failed to be named gus (play of words: gus means goose in Russian, while the surname of main character is Gusev). However, Alexey Batalov starring as physicist Gusev did not feel offended.