В 1960 году астроном Фрэнк Дрейк попытался поймать сигналы внеземных цивилизаций

The echo of this event can be found in a song by Vladimir Vysotsky: “Nothing is clear for us in distant T Ceti constellation. We ask them what happens there, while they tell us to go to hell.” They say that the famous bard and poet has read a lot of popular science journals, like Science and Life or Technologies – to the Youth. These periodicals informed the readers that on April 8, 1960 astronomer Frank Drake started implementing OZMA project. Using a radio telescope, 26 meters in diameter, he tried to pick up the signals of extraterrestrial civilizations. Star T in Ceti constellation looked the most promising one, as it was similar to the Sun in dimensions and surface temperature. The second promising one was Ypsilon of Eridanus constellation. As for telling to go to hell, Vysotsky has stretched the truth, as the employees of Green Bank observatory located in West Virginia received no signals from the aliens. The same is true for all other observatories.