В 1960 г. человек достиг самой глубокой точки океана

At 13:10, the Trieste bathyscaphe built by famous Swiss scientist Auguste Piccard reached the “beautiful flat bottom” of the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench. Dr. Jacques Piccard (a scientist’s son) and US Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh slowly – “probably everything happens at the sea bottom slowly” – shook hands. There was a reason for congratulations: at that moment they were at the depth of 10,916 meters – it is impossible to go deeper into the Earth. At 13:26, Piccard turned off current in the electromagnets, dropped the ballast, and Trieste broke away from the bottom. “We had to make a seven-mile journey to return to the sun and people.” Jacques Piccard called the book about his record Seven Miles Down – all the quotes are taken from it.