В 1953 году родился сэр Эндрю Джон Уайлс

His birth was great luck for mathematics, as baronetcy was awarded to him for cracking a tough nut – Fermat theorem. Being at the age of ten, the boy learned about the famous problem. He swore to solve it and kept his word. The head of mathematics department at Princeton University published in 1993 the 130-page proof and presented it to his wife on the date of her birthday. However, the initial version contained a serious mistake. Wiles corrected it, and Annals of Mathematics published the final variant in 1995. Let evil tongues hiss that the proof by Wiles is no good, as there has been no such a mathematical device in the time of Fermat, it does not prevent the whole world from singing and dancing in his honor. Words singing and dancing should be accepted at face value: musical Fermat’s Last Tango by Joshua Rosenblum was staged in 2000. The list of main characters includes Fermat and Wiles, as well as X, Y, Z.