В 1951 году сделано самое знаменитое фото  Альберта Эйнштейна

On March 14, 1951, the journalists visited the most outstanding employee of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton on the day of his birthday. Their task included taking a photo of the scientist. UPI reporter Arthur Sasse took aim: look here, please, Sir, say cheese! An ordinary person would just smile. However Einstein was not an ordinary man, so he stuck his tongue out in a boyish manner (at the age of 72!). The photographer could hardly realize how lucky he was at that time. He might even rage inwardly at the disorderly behavior of celebrity. Later, this photo showing Einstein sticking his tongue out would become the most famous image of the outstanding scientist. Whom or what did he stick his tongue out at? The journalists, life, fame, each of us? Who knows… Thy say that Einstein gave this photo to journalist Howard Smith as a gift and wrote on the reverse side of it that the grimace is addressed to the mankind in general.