В 1947 году продемонстрирован первый аппарат моментальной фотографии «Полароид»

At the annual meeting of the US Optical Society, President of Polaroid Edwin Herbert Land took out a camera and pressed the button. The colleagues smiled to the creator of transition glasses, but had no time to joke regarding the bird that should fly out, as a black-and-white photo came out of the camera. It was Land’s three-year-old daughter who told him to stop the moment instantly, instead of doing it in a day. “Why can’t I have the photo instantly?” the inquisitive girl once asked being photographed during a walk with her father. “Really, why?” the inventive father started to think. Ideas began coming to his mind, his hand reached out for a pen, chemicals were put into the packet of film, and Land became a famous and rich man. A good tale for fathers sick and tired of why-questions their kids ask.