В 1946 году основано КБ-11, будущий ядерный центр Арзамас-16

The arms of Russian town Sarov features the local bell tower and atomic nucleus. It is symbolic enough and true to life. The town, or even village, where Sarov Monastery was closed in 1927, turned into nuclear center Arzamas-16 in 1946. By the way, the authorities had been looking for an appropriate place since the previous year, as the USSR was implementing the atomic project. A settlement located near Moscow and having a defense plant with large enough area was required, and it was finally found. Engineering Plant No.550 produced shells for rocket launcher Katyusha during the war. On April 2, 1946, future academician Yuli Khariton with his employees arrived at the deployment site. They founded Design Office-11 there. Since that time, Sarov had disappeared from the political map for long. Classified documents mentioned Design Office-11, Center-300, Moscow, Kremlyov, Arzamas-16. Today, the town is called Sarov again, while Design Office-11 has grown into the Russian Federal Nuclear Center – All-Russia Research Institute of Experimental Physics. The Museum of Nuclear Weapons exists under the institute without any detriment to state secrets. Next door to the center, the monastery restored in 2006 is located. By the way, it was restored on the initiative of physicists.