В 1941 году впервые присудили Сталинские премии

In 1925, the Soviet authorities instituted Lenin Prize for outstanding achievements in the fields of science, technologies and art. However, it stopped being awarded in 1935 and resumed being granted only in 1957. In 1940, the authorities realized that the prize is necessary, yet it should be named after a different person. Thus the prize for outstanding achievements in science, in development of technologies, literature, art and improvement of production methods received the name of Stalin. The first Stalin Prize was awarded in 1941. The list of the very first laureates includes surgeon Nikolay Burdenko, physicist Pyotr Kapitsa, shipbuilder Alexey Krylov, agronomist Trofim Lysenko, geologist Vladimir Obruchev, aircraft designers Sergey Ilyushin and Alexander Yakovlev, etc. It is interesting that this list includes both the father and grandfather of Sergey Kapitsa, as academician Krylov’s daughter Anna married Pyotr Kapitsa. By the way, Sergey Ilyushin was an absolute record holder in the number of prizes gained – Stalin Prize was awarded to him seven times! In 1953 the prize passed away together with the best friend of scientists and engineers. In 1966, the award was reinstated, yet as the State Prize of the USSR, which was later renamed into the State Prize of Russian Federation.