В 1933 году в СССР провели первую в мире операцию по пересадке почки

Yuri Voronoy’s father was a renowned mathematician, correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences. Georgy Voronoy died of severe kidney disease being not so old. His son swore to become a physician and defeat the disease. He kept his word and did even more: on April 3, 1933 he performed the first renal transplantation in the world. On that day, a patient with basal skull fracture was delivered to the admission ward of Kherson-based hospital. It was impossible to save him, but CMO of the hospital Yuri Voronoy decided to save the life of another person. Oksana Glushko could not stand the infidelity of her husband and swallowed 4 grams of undiluted mercuric chloride, which resulted in renal failure. Doctor Voronoy had been experimenting with transplantation of fabrics and organs since his student’s years. He decided to take a chance, and the operation was successful – the kidney started functioning, yet… The immunology was in its infancy, and nobody heard about antidepressant drugs that prevent organ rejection, so the patient lived for two days with the kidney of other person. Anyway, it was a great victory of science, the first step that laid the groundwork for the present achievements of transplantology.