В 1933 году родился Александр Городницкий

Alexander Gorodnitsky graduated from the Leningrad Mining Institute with a degree in geophysics. Unfortunately, the public at large does not know the doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, serious oceanographer, author of many monographs and scholar papers, and participant of two dozens of research expeditions. The public knows different Gorodnitsky, a bard (amateur singer) and contemporary of Bulat Okudzhava. Gorodnitsky composed his first song being a third-year student for a faculty performance. One could say that he took a guitar in his hands, yet he did not take it, as even now he gives concerts with accompaniment, and composes music being unable to read the printed version of it. The parents planned to buy a piano when Alexander was a boy, yet the money depreciated so during the war that the saved amount was just enough to buy food for a week. Witty Gorodnitsky used to say that his unfulfilled musical education was definitely worth a row of beans. However, the lack of education did not prevent him from writing the songs which several generations of people have been singing – Atlantes, Snow, Krusenstern’s Sails, Leather Coats Thrown in a Corner, Sky over Canada is Blue, Rifts, French Ambassador’s Wife, etc. From time to time, the visitors of his concerts ask Gorodnitsky question “Who was your favorite bard when you were a child?” which makes one of the bard song founders laugh.