В 1933 г. в Сан-Франциско заложили мост «Золотые ворота»

In 1999, at the International Construction Exhibition in Las Vegas, a competition was held to determine the top ten greatest construction achievements of the twentieth century. This bridge is one of the top ten. The famous Golden Gate Bridge. It was due to certain troubles: the Golden Gate Strait is not wide, but it works as an entrance and an exit for ocean steamers to the world's largest natural port, so it must not be blocked. And there are also the tides, the fog... But the problem was solved: Roosevelt's New Deal to get out of the Great Depression, fresh engineering and financial solutions like a fare for crossing the bridge that was introduced even before it was built. The most difficult task was to erect the foundation for the southern piles. The work was carried out from barges, which were mercilessly shaken by the ocean waves. The builders had to balance on narrow ladders to secure cables with a diameter of 91 centimeters, twisted from 27,572 wires, at the top. The piles, towering at 227 meters above the water surface even in high water, can withstand a vertical load of 95,000,000 kilograms per cable and provide suspension of the bridge with a total length of almost three kilometers. The distance to the water surface is at least 66 meters, which allows any vessel to pass under the bridge. For greater beauty, the bridge was painted with orange-red paint. The choice of color was also quite practical: these paints contain lead, which protects the bridge from rust, and the crossing decorated like this is clearly visible in the fog. Speaking of painting: they say that when the painters reach the end of the bridge, the paint at the beginning already requires renovation. The bridge immediately became a symbol of the city and has kept this status to this day. “The great harp under the sky” works well – it lets 120,000 cars through every day. And it copes with earthquakes – unlike its younger colleagues. But there is a suicides problem: by 1995, there were already one thousand of them. Nobody actually stops these people, although there is a special phone that gives them the last opportunity to talk to psychologists and come to their senses.