В 1932 г. родилась Раиса Максимовна Горбачева, кандидат философских наук

You can retell the biography of the first First Lady in a few words: she was born in Rubtsovsk, Altai, graduated from Moscow State University, founded the Soviet Cultural Foundation and the Children Hematology Center. Candidate of philosophical sciences, wife of the first USSR President. She died of a serious illness in 1999. Her father, Maxim Titarenko, wanted his daughter to live like in paradise [Rai in Russian], so he named her Raisa. She became a paradise for Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev. It turned out that love, which Soviet people had previously seen only in the movies, actually existed. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciated the sincerity of the president and his wife. To the journalist's question, “Why do you think so many people came to Raisa Maksimovna's funeral?” a simple elderly woman answers, “People want to ask for forgiveness.”